Time for us to leave the cooler climate of the Atherton Table lands and begin venturing into the Queensland outback. In days to come we will wishing we still had the weather from the tablelands and it is now going to begin getting HOT!

As we leave the tablelands we stopped to soak our feet in the warming waters of Innot Hot Springs and have some lunch.

Finding our way to our night’s stop at Pinnarendi Station Stay & Café was compounded by both the Tom Tom and Google not being able to make out the address. This was resolved by using the Station’s Latitude and Longitude to locate the closest point on a road. As it happened the roads on the station were visible on both the Tom Tom and Google, so I was able to pinpoint it quite accurately.

Once we were checked in and had set up camp we went exploring and Chris met a lot of the other campers.

It was arranged for us to meet them around the fire pit later in the evening to introduce ourselves. It was a pleasant evening around the fire and the number of stars, satellites and meteorites that could be seen against the clear black skies was brilliant. We loved it.

The next morning we went walking around the campground and looked at all the rusty machinery that was about. Some of them I have no idea as to what they were or were used for,

Breakfast was at the Station Café served by Nadine. We were joined by a Welsh and English couple living in Townsville and enjoyed bacon and eggs with a mug of coffee.