We decided to extend our stay in Forsayth so that we could have a day trip to visit Copperfield Gorge and Einasleigh Hotel.

The Tom Tom was useless as it wanted to have us drive the very long way around. It didn’t seem to know that there is a perfectly good road from Forsayth directly to Einasleigh that is mostly bitumen and only dirt for less than 10km. If not for bends, grids and flood-ways we could have managed 100kph the entire way.

We arrived in Einasleigh and went directly to the Copperfield Gorge and walked along the edge and then down to the bottom where it was more accessible. It is very pretty, quiet and relaxing. We even spotted a Wallaroo. They are very similar to a kangaroo or wallaby but have shorter feet and a common in the area.

We stopped for a drink and lunch at the Einasleigh Hotel and looked over the miniature furniture display in an adjoining room. The local pub dogs sat with us hoping for a nice treat. They were disappointed.

The Tom Tom was worse on the return trip as it was wanting us to drive off the road and through cattle stations. Most of the times there was not even a track to be followed, we stuck to the beautiful road.