Today we had a change of plans. We learned yesterday that the road from Julia Creek to McKinlay has been fully sealed with bitumen recently. This allowed up to change our plans and head directly to McKinley rather than via Kynuna saving around 150km.

There was one reason for the change of destination. Visiting the Walkabout Creek Hotel that was made famous in the Crocodile Dundee movies.

The road that we travelled was beautiful bitumen with many cattle grids, flood-ways and cattle on and along the road. We were not is any great hurry so enjoyed the slower pace not seeing any other vehicles along the entire road until we reached McKinley.

We arrived at around 10:45am and the pub didn’t open until 11am so we took photos and talked with others also waiting for opening time. When it opened we were greeted by Deb who has run the hotel with her husband Frank for the pas 7 years. They also run the local post office and mail route. This is why the hours are a bit different: 11am-1pm and 5pm-11pm.

After a cold beverage (beer and cider) we had a look around and decided to stop for the night as they also run the local caravan park out the back. We then went back in and had another cold drink.

We then set up camp ready in a drive through site for an easy getaway in the morning and then went for a walk around the town that has a population of about 180. Apart from the pub, school, petrol station, CWA Hall and police station there is only houses liveable and not.

After dinner we went back into the hotel for an entertaining evening with the owners and some of the local workers who were there. It was a most enjoyable stay.

Chris with Frank and Debbie