Back in Townsville and from what we have seen so far there has been a lot of changes over the past five years that we have been living in Mapleton. Chris has experienced some of the changes with her trip back here to visit friends but I am experiencing all the changes at once.

So far during our stay we have been shopping, stocking up on essentials and purchasing extras to help make caravan living easier. We have been contacting friends and have been arranging when the best time to catch up are. I am sure that there will be people that we don’t get the opportunity to catch up with but we are limiting how long we stay as we want to get up north before it gets too late in the season. Cooktown is out most northerly destination before we turn around and start heading south again but inland instead of along the coast.

We have purchased the “Australian Truckies Atlas” which gives lots of details of the roads that we will be travelling; suitable roads depending upon truck length, road weight and height limits and fuel stops. This will get more use as we get away from the coast.