Our first day in Tannum Sands was spent relaxing and expoloring. We drove to Boyne Island to have brunch before driving around to see the local area. The Boyne Aluminium Smelter occupies most of the Island so there is really only the coastal area to see.

Even though we are only 400km further north the temperature is already warmer than it was in Mapleton. It warms up earlier and stays warm later in the evening. I am back to wearing shorts and tee shirt during the day! I wasn’t expecting that until we got got back into the tropics.

We have met some neighbours who are not just overnighting it. One family is travelling with their dog, Zena, which is a Kelpie. Another is a couple who arrived last night and have a similar setup to ourselves.

Today the Council is turning off the water for most of the day so we have filled up another tank to see us through. We have around 150 litres at the moment with another 95 litre tank still empty.