This leg of our journey was into the more remote area of Queensland. Along the way we stopped at a lookout called Casey’s Rest which gave a great view of the scrub land we were passing through.

The road was two lane bitumen for a lot of the way then it changed to section of single lane bitumen and one lane bridges. This is our National Highway number 1 that circumnavigates the Australian mainland.

Once we reached Georgetown we stopped for a quick lunch and to stretch our legs before heading down to Forsayth. Tom Tom identified this 40 kilometre stretch as taking about two hours so we weren’t sure what to expect. Our Truckies Atlas identified it as a road suitable for B-Double trucks and from talking to people we were told the road was good except for the last 16 kilometres.

Well before we got half way it turned to gravel with corrugations. This made us stop and let air out of our tyres to make the ride more comfortable. We dropped all 8 types by around 4psi each and continued our journey. The road continued mainly gravel but had sections of bitumen in places.

We arrived in Forsayth to a very hot and dry afternoon, moved into our campsite and setup. We then went for a walk in the town which has a population of 56.

Forsayth is what I would call “off grid”. No television, radio or mobile phone service. Except Telstra which we don’t have. At least there is power, water and cold beer at the pub. There was a museum that used to be the local two cell lockup and a park with some old machines.

It also contained carvings done into the side of the trees.

On the way back to the Caravan Park we stopped into the local pub which also contains the local store and post office for a quiet cold drink.

We used Forsayth as a base and had day trips to Cobbold Gorge and Einasleigh.

On our last evening we heard the Savanahlander Train pull into town to drop off a group of people bound for Cobbold Gorge and to pick up other in the morning. Again we went to the Goldfields Hotel for a cold drink joining a couple from Cooroy who were leaving on the train in the morning.