From Ilfracombe we made our way to Blackall via Barcaldine where we had a break and a walk through the main street before having some lunch and continuing.

We arrive in Blackall early afternoon with the temperature around 39c. We set up the caravan and went into town to check out what is there. We found the Black Stump which possibly means that we are no longer “Beyond the Black Stump”, until we head to Charleville in a couple of days.

We also found the Tribute to Jackie Howe who shore 321 sheep in one day using blade shearers back in 1892.

We also went and visited Ram Park with it historical display.

We found the Artesian Aquatic Centre and later when it was open we went for a swim and a spa in the 38c artesian waters. Most relaxing. When we got back to the caravan we discovered that the “cold water” connected to the caravan was coming our at 42c so it is too hot for a shower and just bearable for washing up. Hopefully the water in the amenities is a bit cooler.

We visited the Woolscour a little out of Blackall for a tour. The Woolscour has been lovingly restored and the tour was most informative.

While talking with Annette, our guide, we learned that someone from Mapleton had just dropped by to say hi. It turns out that it was friends of ours from Mapleton so we phoned them and caught up with them for lunch and dinner over several drinks. At Robert’s suggestion we have stayed a couple of extra nights in Blackall and are travelling with Robert and Linda to Yaraka for the day. Robert believes that Yaraka is a must see and wants to show us around.

We were picked up around 9:00am and stopped at Emmet along the way for Robert to catch up with friends, being the entire Emmet population of two. Then we went to Mt Slocombe to look at the magnificent vista of very little as far as the eye could see. After that we continued on to Yaraka for lunch at the pub. Being a Saturday it was very quiet as the regulars had gone to Isisford for the horse races.

After a day of travelling we spent a quiet day in the caravan and Ian baked a loaf of bread for the first time on this trip. It was a wholemeal loaf