Now we are at Cape Hillsborough we have setup camp and taken a walk along the beach before sitting down outside to enjoy a cold beer and cider.

So far on our journey we have used the mobile network to stream television and radio as the terrestrial coverage has been poor. Here where the mobile signal is next to non existent we are receiving excellent television and radio reception.

On Tuesday we got up early to head down to the beach to see the kangaroos. The kangaroos go down to the beach to feed on the seed pods that wash up from the surrounding mangroves to supplement their diet. For us tourists the wildlife carer puts out feed to bring them down.

After breakfast we went for a walk up the hill to the various lookouts. The ascent and decent were very steep with steps built in the trail using rocks to make the climb easier. From the top we walked down to the beach to see whether it would be possible to walk back along the beach. It wasn’t as the tide was high and we would have had to swim around the headland to get back to the bay with the caravan park. So it was back a climb back up to the top to return the way we had come. We saw wildlife during our walk including a goanna, some lizards and turtles.

The turtles we saw from Turtle Lookout, from way up the hill down to the ocean. I found a turtle on one photo that I took, it probably looks more like a dot in the water. It was from here that we got mobile receptions so could call home to check up on the top dressing of the new turf by Jeff and the watering in by Steve.

Wednesday saw us relaxing during the morning under the awning reading our Kindles. It was both recovery from the previous day’s walk/climbing and to relax. From where we are we see kangaroos, kookaburras, bush turkeys, stone curlews and various dove like birds.

In the afternoon we went for a walk over a different hill to Beachcomer’s Cove. We inspected many pools of water around boulders in the sand seeing little fish and crabs. As the tide was low we walked back around the headland to the beginning of the trail; a lot less strenuous than back the way we came. We then walked back up the hill again, about halfway to where there was a seat and good mobile reception so that we could book our next accommodation.

It is now Thursday and we extended our stay until Friday as there are more walks that we would like to do before leaving. During the night we have received some rain and the day began overcast clearing to clear skies and sunshine. We had two walks today. The first being an environmental boardwalk through mangroves and bushland back towards the highway. The second was along the causeway to the island just off the coast at low tide in the evening.