We have finally left Mapleton and begun three months travelling in Queensland.

Using our new Tom Tom and the the MyDrive website to plan our days travel, we discovered that it was going to take around five hours of driving to reach Tannum Sands. The My drive website allowed us to put in details about the vehicle and our planned top speed so that it could select the most appropriate route and calculate the travel time. We used car and caravan with an overall length of 15 metres, a height of 3.4 metres and a gross weight of 6.5 tonnes. Once planned the route was sent to the Tom Tom which we loaded and used. We did not seem to have navigation instructions and after a little while noticed a “drive” button. Once pressed it started providing voice instructions on where to go.

We hoped to get away by 09:00 from Lilyponds Caravan Park in Mapleton, but packing took longer than planned. We also needed to wake up a neighbour and request them to move their car as there was not much manoeuvring space from where our site was and we needed to drive through where their car was parked. All went smoothly and we were finally underway at 10:00.

The trip was uneventful except for the times we developed a wobble; the anti-sway system did correct it after several seconds. It appears that when not under acceleration or braking the caravan tries to overtake the car. This tended to occur, only occasionally, when you take your foot off the accelerator to slow down. Answer: use the brakes to slowdown. We don’t rember experiencing this on the Tin Can Bay trip.

By 16:00 we had arrived and were setting up the caravan for the next week of relaxation. All the preparations are over and the holiday has begin. Yeah!!