From Winton we travelled past Longreach to set up camp at Ilfracombe. We wanted to stay somewhere different as we had previously visited Longreach and done the major tourist things.

The caravan park was very pleasant and the local Wellshot Hotel was just next door. Once our camp was set up we travelled into Longreach for a look around to se how things had changed and collect brochures from the information centre. One the return I videoed the machine mile, the railway side of the road through Ilfracombe that contains many many machines on display.

One returning to the caravan park we discovered that our camp had been disrupted with the awning in pieces one window off, another broken damaging the blind and the TV aerial bent, even though it was down at the time. Our new neighbours who arrived while we were out came up to let us know that a mini tornado, a whirly whirly, entered the park going up the awning side of the caravan then turned around left the park.

Chris along with help from the caravan park were able to remove the awning that is no longer usable and managed to refit the window that was blown out. We contracted Joseph a local caravan repairer to check out the van and let us know if it was still fit to be towed. He inspected and checked the roof for damage and was surprised that he could not see any damage to any of the panels. He informed us that it would be fit for towing without the awning.

We went to the Wellshot hotel that evening to begin drowning our sorrows and to have a meal as neither of us felt like cooking. The Wellshot Hotel is a lovely little country pub with some quirky bar stools.

The next day we went back into Longreach to purchase with the aim of purchasing something to be able to provide us with some shade. Marquee’s we in short supply and expensive so we got two tent poles and using some leftover shade cloth rigged a shade cloth replacement awning, albeit it a lot smaller.