Our journey through to Winton took us through Kynuna where we stopped for a coffee at the roadhouse. There were plenty of road trains about and the photos show how small our car and caravan is next to these beasts.

Travelling south the landscape started changing with more hills or lumps appearing in the landscape.

We arrived in Winton and checked in to the Caravan Park then drove into town to have a look around and have a cold one at the Tattersalls Hotel. One the way back to the caravan while doing some shopping we bumped into fellow travellers who have been crossing paths with us at various times.

We visited the Waltzing Matilda Centre that has been rebuilt since it burned down since we last visited. It was amazing to see with the use of new media technology.

Included with the Waltzing Matilda Museum is the Qantilda Museum which is made up of old machinery and items donated to the museum.

We also joined up with some fellow travellers to visit “The Australia Age of Dinosaurs” that is situated on a “Jump Up” or mesa, that consists of lookouts and three tours. The reception area has some interesting fossils and sculptures to greet visitors.

1, A visit to the Laboratory where they clean up the fossils that have been packaged from where they were excavated.

2. The Collection Centre where the fossils that make up the holotype of a species are kept for use in comparison with any other new fossils that are discovered.

3. The Canyon Tour where they have created a walk depicting scenes of the various fossil finds that have been made.

There is further development underway expanding the site. Here are some pictures of the developments underway.

On our way back to Winton we encountered several groups of Emu dads looking after their chicks.