The road from Cloncurry to Julia Creek was in the most part ok but there were some very uneven sections.

We found and checked into the Caravan Park deciding to book in for an artesian bath which were booked out that night but we booked one for the following night.

We settle in to the campsite then went to look around the town that has a population of only 400. We visited both pubs to get a bottle of wine for the following night then went to one of the supermarkets for some supplies, there were two.

That evening our neighbour noticed that one of the tyres on the Cruiser was flat. It turned out that we had picked up a puncture from somewhere, possibly on the drive to or around Julia Creek. I inflated the tyre and several hours later it was still inflated. By the next morning it was flat again. I pumped it up again and took it to get repaired. It turned out to be a piece of meter about 40mm long with a diameter of about 6mm.

The following day we went to the Information Centre and were able to get in to look at the local dangerous animal, the Dunnart. It is a fast moving ferocious beast, cute though and related to the Tasmanian Devil.

We visited the local Museum and then the historical society before looking through some more shops since it was Monday and they were open.

We ate lunch at the local bakery as we were having wine and cheese for dinner while we were having our baths. The baths are of two types, one in a corrugated iron water tank and the others in wooden building. We chose the deluxe one in the wooden shed.

Each afternoon we went to the swimming pool and water park. Neither Chris or I had ever been on a waterslide before now. We loved the waterslide and swimming pool provided by the council free of charge for Caravan Park Guests. Thank you Julia Creek, we loved our stay.