As today, being Sunday is the weekend before schools go back, we decided to leave the Daintree until Monday. Our trip today was to Port Douglas.

We drove down with the Sunday Market as our initial stop. The markets were brilliant with unique and unusual local crafts on display. No room in the caravan to get anything that would otherwise have been tempting.

Port Douglas was jumping with lots and lots of people around, social distancing my arse. We had in mind to have seafood for lunch either at a local restaurant or from a trawler. Due the the number of people and prices we chose the later option.

We purchased 1 kg of prawns from an trawler that was selling them next to the market and drive up to a lookout ands had a picnic in the back of the Toyota Landcruiser; with Air Conditioning and the engine running. We ate around half the prawns before heading back home to the caravan.

On the way home we purchased a bottle of Sauvignon blanc and ate most of the remaining prawns over a couple of glasses. The rest will go into a stir fry for tonight’s dinner.