Today we began our drive to Cloncurry with an overnight stop at the Burk & Wills Roadhouse.

On leaving Karumba Point we passed lots of salt flats and then hundreds of birds enjoying some water along the side of the road.

The road conditions varied a lot with section of normal two lane bitumen, some of just dirt and a lot of single lane bitumen. There were more single lane bridges.

We passed an area that contained a massive number of termite mounds with some having been “dressed up”. Shirts, caps, hard hats and bikinis in various stages of decay had been put over some along the way.

We arrived at the Burk & Wills Roadhouse which had a paint job on it done by the same artist who painted the amenities at Pinnarendi Station. On arrival we checked in found a park for the caravan, turned on the power and air-conditioner. While the caravan cooled down we walked back to the roadhouse for cold beer and cider.

We had a late lunch and called into the Mapleton Rural Fire Brigade Annual General Meeting. Steve the first officer tried to call us but we have no mobile reception except for the Boost SIM card we purchased to have internet when there is no Optus reception. We now have all the mobile providers covered.