We headed off earlyish this morning around 8 am to travel north to the Daintree and Cape Tribulation. First up was the necessary ferry crossing to get over the Daintree River.

As we were driving along at the head of the convoy from the ferry we decided to stop off at a lookout to give the other cars the opportunity to get past us. The road is narrow, slow with little chance for overtaking.

Once across, we headed straight to the Daintree Discovery Centre with its raised boardwalks and its tower 23 metres up to view the rain forest from the canopy. There is a lot of information including living exhibits of fish, insects, spiders and reptiles.

A lot of the plants in the Daintree are what they refer to as dinosaur plants due to them having been around continually since dinosaurs roamed the land. They even have some animatronics with some of the dinosaurs that used to inhabit the region.

Next we headed directly up to Cape Tribulation with a mind to have lunch at the “Cape Trib Beach House” Restaurant. This was our most northern point just after the bitumen finished and the gravel road began.

We proceeded back south stopping for various walks and lookouts. We walked to the lookout at Cape Tribulation and to the beach.

Out last stop was at the Dubuji Boardwalk and beach, where we finally saw a Cassowary while walking back from the Beach to the Car Park.

Yeah!!! We have finally seen a Cassowary in the wild.

A Cassowary in the wild.