Our drive to St George took us into a different landscape.

We are now driving through Wheat and Cotton farms. We arrived at St George after the longer than usual drive but the roads are continually improving although there are some very rough sections.

We spent a day travelling round a 200km loop visiting local towns that each had something to see.

Dirranbandi was the first stop for morning tea as they have a Russian Bakery that make all sorts of sweets, pastries and Russian Breads. The artwork around the town was great to look at.

Thallon was out stop for lunch at the Francis Hotel where they have a “Drop Bear” on display. We visited the Silo Painting and the Giant Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat. It is amazing to see the enormous stock piles of wheat under tarps. They are hundreds of metres long and fifty metres wide and we counted at least five of them. A road train of wheat can only make a tiny dent into one of these.

Nindigully is very small and it is basically a pub on the side of the Moonie River. There were many Caravans free camping here.